The Stewart family buy a boat, jack it all in and go sailing!


There are so many awesome blogs out there!  I devoured them hungrily for years for ideas and inspo before we made the leap.  For me, blogs have to easy to navigate and also well-written, so I can lose myself in the content.  Due to limited wifi I’m not a great one for vlogs.  Here is our blogroll – and it’s constantly being updated, so check back regularly,

Sailing Totem

A sailing family, originally from the USA and with three kids, sail around the world.  And then keep going.  These guys have been doing it for years – 9 or 10 I think, at last count.  Practical advice and well-written musings.

They also co-authored the book, “Sailing with kids”, which is full of useful info.  Link on their site.

Homeschool Ahoy

Australian Lyndy and her husband and two girls have been living aboard their beautiful cat for years.  Lyndy is a passionate advocate for homeschooling/unschooling. Her blog makes great reading and is a wonderful mine of boatschooling ideas.

The Boat Galley

This is an American site and is still relevant for us international visitors.  Carolyn and her partner have been living aboard for years.  This is less of the “journal” type blog, and more of a huge resource for every question you’ve ever had about living aboard.  As the name suggests, it was originally a blog for Carolyn’s hints & tips on cooking/provisioning but has expanded to include every aspect of shipboard life.

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