The Stewart family buy a boat, jack it all in and go sailing!


We are avid researchers and love finding out new stuff.  Here is our list of fave books, bloggers and homeschool resources.

Books we love

(to follow)


There are so many awesome blogs out there!  I devoured them hungrily for years for ideas and inspo before we made the leap.  For me, blogs have to easy to navigate and also well-written, so I can lose myself in the content.  Due to limited wifi I’m not a great one for vlogs.

Click HERE to see our faves.



I’m finding my way with boatschooling; at the time of writing it’s only been a few months.  A wise person told me to stop worrying about how/what to teach the kids and think of it as “learning together”.  I love learning new stuff so this works really well for me.

Homeschool Ahoy (above) is a fave for Australian content.

I also love Kate Laird’s approach to homeschooling/boatschooling: she favours a more rigorous academic approach but makes it very accessible.  She has a great page “School in a Box” on her blog (click here) that is definitely worth a read-through if you’re just-starting out – or even if you’ve been at it for a while and need some ideas.

Kate also contributes to the SEA Homeschoolers site (Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers) which is a fantastic resource.